Ningbo Blue Machines Co., Ltd. is an owner-operated company located Ningbo city in the east of China. We are a manufacturer which is specialized in producing non-standard mechanical parts (custom parts) by CNC MACHINING, STAMPING, INVESTMENT CASTING and ALUMINUM DIE CASTING process, we design and manufacture your products to be a one-stop outsourcing station. Many companies are faced with constant pressures to reduce manufacturing costs in a climate of ever increasing costs and lower margins, there is a growing realisation within the manufacturing sector that in order to survive and succeed they have to look to outsourcing production. At BLUE we have professionally qualified staffs with a wealth of experience who are able to help you achieve this goal. BLUE authorized agency in various locations across Europe, United States and Argentina support the activities of the China based on manufacturer, when you buy from BLUE you get great customer service, competitive price, quality control, on-time delivery, handle logistics and warehousing at no direct cost. Our company promotes a modern mode of enterprise management, introducing Joinf ERP and DEOS System in order to complete the whole dynamic monitoring and management for Order Production process\Quality Control\Logistic Transportion, Timing Cost and Clearance Delivery. BLUE is committed to providing additional value through competitive pricing, superior quality, dependable on-time deliveries and outstanding customer service for you. We consistently place the quality at the first place , and make the greatest efforts to meet your requirements of product quality. we believe in providing quality products and offering the best customer service, the customer will be choose and grow with us.